THE GOLDEN HORN – Billy Butterfield (007)

billy front THE GOLDEN HORN   Billy Butterfield (007)

Performer: Billy Butterfield

Original tape: 4 track – digital acquisition HD
Etichetta: Columbia-USA
Total Time:



anigifSPS sequenza 1c 640x118 THE GOLDEN HORN   Billy Butterfield (007)




01 Stardust 2:49
02 Wonderland By Night 2:56
03 And The Angels Sing 3:08
04 Love Theme From “La Strada” 2:42
05 You Made Me Love You 2:52
06 Melancholy Serenade 2:52
07 When It’s Sleepy Time Down South 2:57
08 On, Mein Papa 3:07
09 Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White 2:34
10 Pretend 2:54
11 Tenderly 3:10
12 Memories Of You 3:00


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Download sample audio Max Research production



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Available for download  Audio File Wav 24bit/96KHz  € 9,0






billy back THE GOLDEN HORN   Billy Butterfield (007)


billy butterfield THE GOLDEN HORN   Billy Butterfield (007)











Billy+Butterfield+PNG THE GOLDEN HORN   Billy Butterfield (007)

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